How and Why the Gospels of Matthew and Luke Destroy their Source Mark

In this short video I show that the whole idea of “Harmonizing” our four New Testament Gospels is a mistaken idea in the first place. In fact, Mark, the earliest Gospel written was viewed and strongly deficient by Matthew, who used 90% of it, as well as Luke who used 80%. But the question is–how did they “USE” Mark. I am convinced, and I give a few examples in this video and much more in the Mark course now available to the public, that they basically OVERWROTE Mark–much like one might do to alter a painting–and in the process essentially destroyed it as it came from its creator/author.

Taking Mother Mary Home at Last…

You know, you really got the short end of the stick. You know that right? You had to be a mom and you didn’t even get to have sex. I mean, what do I know? It’s not like I’m reading your diaries. It’s not like you wrote any diaries. Do you really want to be up here. I can get you out. You want to go home?

Bridget in Showtime’s SMILF, addressing the statue of Mary in her nearby Catholic Church. She then steals the image and takes it to her apartment, thus liberating Mary and allowing her to roam the streets of humanity again rather than remain on her immovable pedestal. Season 2, episode 2 “Sorry Mary I’m Losing Faith”

I hope I can prove worthy to take Mary Home…at last…I can open that door, we can walk again on those ancient paths of old Jerusalem and Mt Zion…

The Lost Mary: How the Jewish Mother of Jesus Because the Virgin Mother of God (New York: Knopf, forthcoming late 2020)